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Border Security

Arizona Rancher Defends Land Amid Rising Migrant Surge



Arizona rancher Jim Chilton and former ICE director under President Trump, Tom Homan, joined ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss the ongoing U.S.-Mexico border crisis. 

With over 7 million illegals having crossed into America since Biden took office, Ingraham questioned whether it is now too late for executive action. Homan even suggested the President could be using the border to secure votes for re-election. 

“I mean the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, says the Remain in Mexico program is legal. And that was a game changer with the Trump administration,” Homan explained. 

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“So [Biden] could do that. He could have done that three years ago… But look, the only reason they’re even talking about it now is because of an election. Three-and-a-half years they didn’t do a single thing to stop the flow. Now they realize it’s going to hurt him in the election… But I’m hesitant if he’s going to take any action, we’ll wait and see.” 

Chilton, who owns a large, 5-mile ranch on the border of Arizona, told Ingraham he has captured nearly 3,050 images of illegal migrants crossing through his property and that he doesn’t believe the Biden administration will do anything to prevent it.  

“I’ve been told that at least 20% are packing drugs to come into our country to poison our people,” Chilton said, while also revealing that there hasn’t been a border patrol agent on his ranch in over four months.