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Rep. Jim Jordan Exposes Biden Administration’s Pressure on Amazon to Censor Books



In a series of tweets, Representative Jim Jordan has revealed that the Biden administration exerted pressure on Amazon to censor a variety of books, ranging from children’s literature to critiques of Big Pharma. These revelations, drawn from internal Amazon documents obtained by the Judiciary GOP and the Weaponization Subcommittee, underscore a concerning instance of governmental influence over private sector decisions regarding content availability.

The Amazon Files: A Closer Look at Censorship

Rep. Jordan’s exposé, dubbed “The Amazon Files Part 3,” highlights that Amazon’s censorship of certain books began in March 2021 due to direct criticism from the Biden administration. According to the internal documents, the urgent impetus for Amazon’s decision was to create a new “Do Not Promote” class for books deemed anti-vaccine. Initially, 43 titles were added to this list, encompassing a wide range of genres including children’s books, parental guides, and scientific critiques.

The Nature of the Censored Books

The censored titles included children’s books that addressed the societal impacts of vaccine mandates and promoted messages of love, understanding, and tolerance. One particular children’s book aimed to bridge the divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated children, encouraging friendships regardless of vaccination status. This message of inclusivity, however, was deemed controversial enough to be suppressed under the new censorship directives.

In addition to children’s literature, Amazon targeted top-selling books for parents. These books often provided guidance on making informed decisions about their children’s education, health, and values—topics that the Biden administration and elites reportedly found objectionable. The pressure extended to books that critically examined Big Pharma, scrutinizing the potential conflicts of interest arising from pharmaceutical companies’ funding of research.

Governmental Influence and Free Speech Concerns

Jordan’s tweets emphasize that no bookstore should succumb to government pressure to censor books, irrespective of their content. He argues that the Biden administration’s actions represent an unconstitutional suppression of free speech. By leveraging their influence, the administration allegedly coerced Amazon, as well as other tech giants like YouTube and Facebook, into participating in a broader censorship campaign aimed at silencing dissenting views.

The Broader Implications

This revelation raises significant concerns about the erosion of free speech and the potential overreach of governmental power in the private sector. The act of censoring books—whether children’s stories or critical analyses of pharmaceutical practices—illustrates a troubling trend where dissenting opinions are stifled under the pretext of combating misinformation.

Continuing the Fight Against Censorship

Rep. Jordan and the Judiciary GOP, alongside the Weaponization Subcommittee, vow to continue their investigative efforts. Their goal is to develop legislative solutions to dismantle what they describe as the Biden administration’s censorship regime. By exposing these practices, Jordan aims to protect constitutionally protected speech and ensure that private companies do not become tools for governmental suppression.


The allegations put forth by Rep. Jim Jordan paint a stark picture of the Biden administration’s influence over Amazon’s content decisions. As these revelations come to light, the importance of safeguarding free speech and preventing governmental overreach becomes ever more critical. Whether one agrees with the content of the censored books or not, the principle of free speech remains a cornerstone of American democracy, and efforts to protect it are paramount.

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