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2024 Election

Laura: NY v Trump was political from the outset



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” although Laura wasn’t able to make it to the studio, she phoned in the show to discuss Donald Trump’s hush money trial with Judge Jeanine Pirro

“We know this. There was no crime that was committed. A jury that is fairly instructed – and it doesn’t look like this one will be – a jury that was fairly instructed, would never be able to have a unanimous verdict for this penal statute,” Ingraham said. 

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“They had no predicate crime. They had no follow on crime. This is a complete travesty from beginning to end. And I thought it was mad about the flight delays, but I’m really mad about this because the country doesn’t deserve this. The country deserves a real leader with a fair and equal justice system.”

Judge Jeanine agreed, adding that she thinks the whole trial is “off the charts.” 

“I wanted to hope that those jury charges would be relatively standard,” she said. “But when I hear about what the prosecution is being allowed to get away with in their summation, it makes it clear to me that there is no way there can be a fair charge to the jury.”

Aside from tricks being used by the prosecution, Ingraham made sure to point out instances of ‘interference’ occurring just outside the courthouse. 

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The only election interference that’s going on right now is the election interference in lower Manhattan, in that courtroom. Judge Merchan’s part of it, the prosecution’s part of it, and as we saw today with the the Biden henchmen sending Goodfellas down there, it’s the Biden administration’s been involved all along,” Ingraham explained.

“So that’s what America’s facing right now. In a court of law, in lower Manhattan, where some of the greatest cases have been argued and some of the most incredibly talented prosecutors have argued cases. This is a total black mark on the entire lower Manhattan courthouse and the district attorney’s office in New York.”