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2024 Election

Matt Towery: Liberals Are Losing the Support of Working-Class Voters



In a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle,” Laura was joined by panelists Ned Ryun, founder and CEO of American Majority, and Matt Towery, political analyst, to analyze the shift occurring among Latino and black voters, as well as other former Biden supporters. 

Ingraham used information released by Axios to highlight that the working-class voter block disagrees with the way liberals are handling issues such as college student loan forgiveness, the push for EVs, and inflation. 

Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Has Boxed Democrats Into A Corner

However, according to Ryun, only the turnout on November 5th will indicate true support for Trump. 

“We’ve seen this shift taking place over the last four years as Biden’s policies are really hitting these people,” Ryun said. 

“I guess the question I have, though, as we see these shifts, it gets down to the brass tacks. How many of them are registered to vote? How many of them have a ballot? How many are going to actually turn out and vote on November 5th?”

Towery agreed, adding that due to an irrelevant trial, sky-high prices, and a stagnant real estate market, the liberal voter base has shifted noticeably. 

“There’s a shrinking voter base for [Democrats] because some of these suburban folks, I call them the country club crowd who think Donald Trump wouldn’t fit in at their country club. All the sudden, they decided not only would he fit in their country club, but he may save their country club,” Towery explained. 

“So now things are moving. I’m seeing changes in the suburban vote and changes, certainly among African-Americans and Hispanic working folks. This is a big shift right now.”