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2024 Election

Jeff Van Drew: Republicans Are Going To Win Big



On May 12, 2024, an overwhelming display of support for Donald Trump was evident after nearly 100,000 people attended his recent rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. 

“Something’s happening out there,” Ingraham pointed out. “More Americans are seeing that the country is broken under Biden and that the promises Biden made were lies – that chaos is the only thing he’s accomplished, certainly the only thing he’s producing.”

New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew joined ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to share his experience at the Trump rally and predictions for the 2024 presidential election. 

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“I wish everybody could have been there. The energy, the love,” Drew said. “And you know what they don’t talk about a lot of the media – you will, but others won’t – is the fact that we had 100,000 plus people. No incidents, no fights, nothing mean-spirited. It was all about America. It was all about the United States of America.”

When asked by Ingraham what the former Democrat would stay to blue staters who think Trump doesn’t stand a chance, Drew said Republicans would not be sitting back.

“President Trump’s right when he says, we got to make it too big to rig, we got to win big,” he said. “We got to win every state. I’m working hard in New Jersey.”