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Eric Trump: Cohen’s Testimony Part of Politically Driven NY Prosecution



On a recent episode of The Ingraham Angle, Eric Trump joined Laura Ingraham to provide an insider’s perspective on Michael Cohen’s testimony. Eric, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, has been a steadfast presence in the courtroom, supporting his father, former President Donald Trump.

Laura began by noting Cohen’s seemingly rehearsed demeanor during his testimony. Eric, clearly passionate about defending his father, expressed his disbelief over the entire situation. “No one believes that for $130,000 eight years ago, the entire top brass of the New York DA’s office is sitting in court,” Eric remarked, emphasizing the absurdity he sees in the charges.

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Eric described the courtroom atmosphere as almost celebratory among the prosecutors, which he found disheartening. “They finally have the opportunity to get my father. You know, you have the number three from the DOJ in Washington, D.C., who left the DOJ to come into New York with one sole intent. That’s to prosecute my father,” he explained.

The conversation then shifted to Cohen’s role and behavior. Eric pointed out the irony in Cohen’s giddy attitude about being Trump’s personal attorney, yet being at the center of these legal accusations. “Despite that, for some reason, when he bills a company for a legal expense and they book it as a legal expense, that’s a felony,” Eric said, underscoring his frustration with the charges.

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Laura raised concerns about the broader implications of such prosecutions, suggesting a dangerous precedent. “As a lawyer, I see a very dangerous precedent being set where a prosecution starts a case with kind of a theory that clearly soon doesn’t begin to pay off,” she commented.

Eric also highlighted what he sees as politically motivated prosecutions, mentioning radical prosecutors funded by George Soros with a mission to go after Donald Trump. He passionately defended his father’s actions and criticized Cohen’s character, reminding viewers of Cohen’s past legal troubles and loss of his law license. “This guy’s a convicted felon who lost his law license and now they’re using him as their star witness. It’s a sham,” Eric asserted.