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Stephen Miller: Democrats Want to Turn the Midwest Into the Middle East



In a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Laura and former senior advisor to President Trump, Stephen Miller, attempted to unpack phony border proposals drawn up by the left.

“We are now in our fourth year of the border invasion, Laura. The only thing they are doing is keeping that conveyor belt smoothly running,  bringing illegal aliens from outside the country into the country,” Miller explained.

“And if they can’t do it by land, what do they do, Laura? They sent airplanes to foreign countries like Haiti, fill them up with illegals and then fly them into swing states. The invasion is not going to stop for one second, one minute, one hour, until Joe Biden is voted out of office and Donald Trump is voted into office.”

Stephen Miller Ignites Immigration Debate: Calls for Zero Tolerance

Ingraham agreed with Miller and suggested that the left’s ultimate goal in allowing illegal immigrants into America is to change the country and its dynamics. 

“And I saw that they’re really upset that West Virginia isn’t bringing in – I’m sure you saw this, Steve – West Virginia isn’t allowing in all these, you know, foreign workers and illegal laborers. And that’s like a crime now, not to let them in,” Ingraham said.

Miller added that even the thought of refusing illegal aliens enrages Democrats. 

“And even that’s not enough for them, as I’m sure you know well, and your audience knows now, Joe Biden and Democrats like Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin are trying to bring Gaza refugees to America,” Miller said. “They want to turn the Midwest into the Middle East. So at every step, it’s find poor migrants from around the world and bring them into America in unlimited numbers.”