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Stephen Miller Ignites Immigration Debate on Ingraham Angle: Calls for Zero Tolerance



In a recent episode of the popular Ingraham Angle show, host Laura Ingraham dove headfirst into a riveting discussion with Stephen Miller, centering on the heated debate surrounding the current border bill in the Senate. The episode was ignited by Laura’s decision to showcase a clip of Rep. Dan Crenshaw passionately admonishing fellow Republicans for their hesitance in supporting the proposed border reform bill. Crenshaw argued that obstructing a bill with the potential to significantly reduce illegal immigration goes against the promises made to voters, branding such actions as “the height of stupidity” and an “unacceptable dereliction of duty.”

Laura: This Border Bill Is A Gut Punch To American Workers

In response to Crenshaw’s fiery remarks, Miller presented a starkly contrasting viewpoint, framing the true “dereliction of duty” as the failure to confront key Democratic figures such as Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and President Joe Biden, along with other Democrats facing reelection. Miller strongly advocated for an unwavering stance on illegal immigration, urging for a public debate on why the number of illegal immigrants should not be reduced to zero. He critiqued the current administration for their lenient approach towards illegal activities committed by immigrants, shining a light on recent incidents and the Democratic Party’s resistance to supporting Republican-led bills aimed at deporting illegal immigrants guilty of serious offenses.

Laura: This Is Biden’s Bogus Border Deal

As Miller’s rhetoric intensified, he called upon Republicans to shed their timidity and boldly demand a “national public referendum” on the Biden administration’s immigration policies. He boldly challenged Democrats like Jon Tester to justify the proposed influx of illegal immigrants in the bill. The segment underscored the deep divisions and passionate emotions fueling the immigration debate, encapsulating the broader national dialogue on border security and immigration reform.