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2024 Election

Laura: This Is Biden’s Bogus Border Deal



On January 17, 2024, fourteen Democrats voted with Republicans to denounce President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. 

“The immigration issue is one of the top voters’ concerns now going into this election cycle,” Laura Ingraham explained on ‘The Angle.’

“Biden gets 18% approval on the issue. Who gives him the 18%? The cartels?” 

Laura: Nikki Haley is prolonging the obvious

In a press statement released on Wednesday, Congressman Jared Golden stressed the idea that “illegal immigration threatens our national security and undermines American jobs.”

He continued: “It’s time for Congress and the Biden administration to come together and pass legislation to meaningfully address issues at the border. It should be a top priority in Washington, just like it is in most of America.”

Ingraham agreed and went on to explain that liberals “and their donors want to keep a large flow of migrants coming in. They don’t care about what happens to the hospitals. And they’re afraid that the issue could cost Biden this election year.”

Donald Trump Is Powering Through All Odds

The simple solution to fixing the border issue, according to Ingraham, is reelecting Donald Trump

“What needs to be done to enforce the border can be accomplished now through executive action,” she explained. “As President Trump said on Truth Social: this is all easy to do, and he’ll do it right away if he’s elected. And of course, he’s right.”