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2024 Election

Donald Trump Is Powering Through All Odds



On January 15, 2024, Donald Trump came out on top at the Iowa caucuses, finishing with 51 percent of the vote. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won second place with just over 21 percent and former South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, came in at 19 percent.

Although Trump’s latest victory indicated the road to a successful campaign, Laura Ingraham suggested it was time for DeSantis and Haley to drop out and endorse their former president and fellow Republican on his ongoing bid for the White House. 

Laura: Nikki Haley is prolonging the obvious

“Taking on Biden and the billionaires supporting Biden is going to require all hands on deck and a laser beam focus on turnout, Mail-In ballots, and ballot harvesting,” Ingraham explained. 

On ‘The Angle’ she dove deep into issues that are slowly being uncovered during the 2024 presidential elections, including an “unholy alliance” between Democrats and Republicans. 

“If Democrats truly, truly believe that Trump was an existential threat to democracy, that he was Hitler, well, they would close the border immediately just to take the issue away from him,” Ingraham pointed out. “But neither party is going to do the right thing here, because their top priority is to keep the border open and the flow of millions of migrants coming here.”

She explained: “Establishment Republicans want the cheap labor for their donors, and Democrats want to change America demographically to win elections in the future.” 

Trump mocks Haley as ‘imposter’ as she refuses to drop primary bid after defeat

According to Igraham, Republicans must rally together in a show of unity, especially when it comes to certain topics like gas energy – an area where Democrats are lacking. 

“Ford just announced its scaling back production of its electric F-150s, which is a massive blow to the automaker that boasted about their innovation when the truck was first introduced,” Ingraham said. 

“Now, Republican candidates have to warn voters that if they want to preserve gas-powered cars and all the freedom that goes along with them, and also gas appliances, etc., they will need to defeat Democrats across the board.”

Another issue that needs to be addressed, according to ‘The Angle,’ is Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis. 

“Georgians are now seeing the corrupt system in Fulton County, where hiring lovers and vacationing on the taxpayers’ dime seems to be the norm,” Igraham said.  

Democrats Have Lost Touch With the Beating Heart of America

“And these are the people, by the way, with their values, who have the power potentially to change the future of America with this prosecution of President Trump.”

She concluded: “This is obscene and it’s absurd. And the good news is next November, the voters will know it. So it’s time to send Fanny packing.”