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2024 Election

Laura to Vivek Ramaswamy: Why don’t you drop out and just support Trump?



Laura Ingraham sat down with Republican contender Vivek Ramaswamy for an insightful discussion on the evolving dynamics within both the Republican and Democratic parties. Ramaswamy, who is considered a among top three GOP candidates for the 2024 election, shared his perspectives on various issues that could shape the upcoming race.

Laura wasted no time delving into the topic of a contingency plan among the Democrats, hinting at a potential shift in strategy. Ramaswamy responded with conviction, expressing his belief that the Democrats would be reluctant to pit President Biden against a candidate like himself in a general election. The sharp contrast in their ideologies and policies would be too apparent for voters to ignore.

The discussion then shifted to the Republican Party’s changing landscape and the rise of the America First movement. Ramaswamy asserted that this movement represents the future of the party, with the old guard gradually fading away. He also acknowledged the Democratic Party’s adoption of certain Republican principles on foreign policy, highlighting the need for the Republican Party to stay ahead of the curve. Laura inquired about Ramaswamy’s relationship with former President Donald Trump, to which he replied that they have a friendly rapport, appreciating aspects of both Trump and Ron DeSantis, another prominent contender. However, Ramaswamy expressed his belief that he can uniquely unite the country and bring young voters into the fold.

Laura suggested that Ramaswamy and DeSantis should drop out of the race and support Trump, given his overwhelming popularity. Ramaswamy countered by emphasizing the importance of a robust debate within the party to determine the best candidate to carry forward the America First agenda.