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Illegal Immigration Surge: Ingraham Angle Exposes Democrat Neglect



In her latest segment on the Ingraham Angle show, Laura Ingraham delved into the pressing issue of illegal immigration, shedding light on its profound implications for both the political landscape and the nation as a whole. Laura raised crucial questions about the current state of America under the leadership of Joe Biden. “Who does America belong to? Is it up for grabs by those in power, who treat it as if it’s theirs to give away to the highest bidders?” she challenged, pointing to the interests of Wall Street and big tech companies.

Laura highlighted the concerning reality of “millions of illegal immigrants streaming across the border.” She described how the policies embraced by Democrats are negatively impacting the country. “While it’s evident that these policies are wreaking havoc on America, Democrat policymakers have shown little concern,” she remarked.

Ingraham drew attention to an opinion article in The Washington Post that suggested Democrats might be reconsidering their presidential ticket with Biden-Harris. She specifically highlighted the significance of Fareed Zakaria, who had previously been supportive but recently criticized Biden’s approach to immigration. “Coming from Fareed Zakaria, this criticism is substantial,” Ingraham remarked.

Laura highlighted the potential political repercussions for Democrats due to the ongoing immigration crisis. She suggested that the White House might be considering actions to at least appear tougher on the border situation. “The Angle believes that the White House may be contemplating steps to create the illusion of tightening things at the border,” she revealed.

Laura concluded by emphasizing the immense damage caused by an open border policy, cautioning that Democrats who disregard Zakaria’s criticism and refuse to reverse their stance on this issue should not be entrusted with positions of power again.