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Economic Strain Under Biden-Harris: Voters Grapple with Skyrocketing Costs and Policy Missteps



The perception among many voters is evident: they feel the pinch. Democrat leadership often misinterprets the public’s discontent, even from their supporters, with the Biden-Harris administration.

The belief is simple: Americans shouldn’t accumulate debt for necessities like gas, groceries, or car payments. With runaway costs and ballooning interest rates, Americans face unprecedented financial strain. For instance, an average car payment now hovers around $730 monthly, with loan durations reaching a staggering 68 months. This financial stretch is evident at the gas pumps too. Gas prices soared by 63% from July 2020 to July 2023, with Biden’s policies on energy sources receiving blame.

The distress isn’t just at the individual level. The broader economy feels it too. Recent polls showcase grim numbers for the Biden administration, with 58% believing their strategies worsen economic conditions. On immigration, policy responses seem inconsistent. For example, after abandoning Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ stance, Biden’s administration is considering a similar ‘Remain in Texas’ policy.

Yet, the ramifications extend beyond economics and immigration. In cities like Chicago, tent camps are sprouting up. Democrat-led cities, including Pelosi’s hometown, face escalating crime and drug problems. The political cost is evident. Minneapolis, post-Floyd riots, battles crime spikes and police shortages. Recent incidents, like the attack on a DFL party official, highlight the crisis.

The Democratic Party‘s policies appear to be causing more harm than help. If this trajectory isn’t altered, voters might soon look for alternative leaders offering tangible solutions, not mere political rhetoric.