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Hunter Biden’s Deposition: Revelations and Implications



In a recent enlightening exchange between Laura Ingraham and Miranda Devine, a notable columnist for the New York Post and FOX News contributor, new revelations about Hunter Biden‘s legal predicaments came to light.

For the very first time, Hunter took the stand and testified under oath regarding the contentious laptop saga. However, his statements were riddled with inconsistencies, leaving many scratching their heads. Despite adamantly denying ownership of the laptop, Hunter alluded to its intrusive contents breaching his privacy and causing him embarrassment.

Interestingly enough, he vehemently denied ever setting foot in John Paul Mac Isaac’s computer repair shop in Wilmington on two separate occasions in April 2019, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The presence of his signature and accurate contact details on the work order painted a different picture. His evasive responses, often masked by memory lapses, hinted at a possible connection to his well-documented history of substance abuse, which he openly discussed in his book.

Furthermore, The Daily Mail unearthed a captivating exchange between Hunter and Ted Kaufman, a close confidant of Joe Biden. Just days before joining the Burisma board in April 2014, Hunter sought Kaufman’s insights regarding Ukraine’s upcoming elections. Kaufman, who has played significant roles in Joe Biden’s political journey, serves as a potential link between Joe and Hunter. This raises intriguing questions about whether Joe may have indirectly communicated with Hunter through Kaufman.

Miranda Devine emphasized the inseparable bond between Ted Kaufman and Joe Biden, underscoring their tight-knit relationship. Their close association adds yet another layer of complexity to the ongoing discourse surrounding Hunter Biden’s activities and the potentially far-reaching implications they may carry.