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Democrats weaponize the constitution against Trump



Laura spoke to Sol Wisenberg, a former deputy independent counsel, on a range of topics on her show the Ingraham Angle.

Laura expressed her astonishment at the left’s apparent indifference towards the Biden family’s growing wealth while he is in office. She stated, “I think now the left has just decided it’s perfectly fine for the Bidens to become multimillionaires while he’s in office.”

Laura also discussed a recent lawsuit that is gaining traction. The lawsuit, filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), aims to prevent former President Trump from being on the primary ballot in Colorado. This move is based on the claim of he is ineligible under the 14th Amendment.

Sol Wisenberg, responding to the matter, shared his predictions. He emphasized that while private entities may encounter standing issues, it is likely that state officials will attempt to omit Trump from the ballot. Wisenberg believes this matter will reach the Supreme Court swiftly. Drawing attention to an existing statute that criminalizes insurrection or rebellion, he posits that this could be the basis for interpreting the 14th Amendment’s Section three. For him, Congress’s intentions when creating this statute, over a century ago, were clear. Wisenberg concludes that one cannot simply remove a candidate without substantial judicial findings and a grounded factual basis.