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American People Deserve Leaders Who Prioritize Their Well-being, Economic Growth, And Safety



In recent weeks, public opinion on funding Ukraine has seen a significant shift, with 55% of Americans opposing additional financial support for the country. This is a notable change from just a few months ago when 62% believed more should be done. However, it is crucial to examine the reasons behind this shift and the potential consequences of neglecting Ukraine’s plight.

“One key aspect that needs to be emphasized is the importance of Ukraine beyond its borders,” said in a CNN interview the White House spokesperson John Kirby.

“It is not merely about Ukrainian sovereignty or the lives of its people; it is about curbing the ambitions of Mr. Putin and preventing further aggression,” continued Kirby. “If Ukraine falls under Russian control, where will it stop? The ramifications for the United States, both in terms of human lives and financial stability, would be far greater than we can afford,” said Kirby on CNN.


While some argue that history has shown us the futility of military interventions overseas, it is essential to recognize that economic strength is a foundation for lasting peace. As President Reagan understood, “peace through strength” requires a robust and thriving economy. The longer the conflict in Ukraine persists, the weaker the United States becomes. We must not overlook the significance of this geopolitical situation to our own national interests.

A sober assessment of the current state of the war in Ukraine reveals the challenges faced by the Ukrainian government. Logistical and supply constraints, difficulties in conducting combined arms operations, and significant losses in Western equipment have all hampered their progress. Moreover, time is running out for Ukraine to wear down Russia’s resolve as an unofficial deadline looms. Russia, on the other hand, possesses significant advantages in terms of artillery and aviation capabilities, including attack helicopters.

Critics argue that Ukraine’s response to these challenges is simply to demand more money from the United States. However, it is worth noting that Europe, despite considering the war critical for its defense, contributes only a fraction of what the United States provides. This imbalance is particularly troubling since World War Two ended over seven decades ago. As American taxpayers continue to shoulder the majority of the financial burden, it is crucial to address our own domestic challenges.


Nearly four in ten Americans do not have sufficient savings to cover a $400 emergency expense, highlighting the precarious financial situation faced by many. The current administration’s focus on international aid, such as the $6 billion deal with Iran, raises concerns about the allocation of resources. Moreover, the inability to guarantee that humanitarian aid in Afghanistan is not reaching the Taliban, further erodes confidence in the effectiveness of our foreign assistance.

While it is important to support Ukraine and fulfill our global responsibilities, it is equally critical to prioritize our own national interests. The current administration’s focus on the global order rather than American prosperity has left many feeling neglected. The American people deserve leaders who prioritize their well-being, economic growth, and safety.

To effect real change, frustrated voters must rally behind candidates who put America first. It is time to prioritize our own national interests without neglecting our global responsibilities