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Rep. Mike Waltz Demands Prosecution in Biden Corruption Case at Hearing



In a recent appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” Congressman Mike Waltz of the House Oversight Committee discussed the ongoing investigation into the financial dealings of the Biden family, particularly focusing on Hunter Biden‘s involvement with foreign entities. Waltz emphasized the committee’s efforts to uncover the nature of the services provided by the Biden family, which led to the establishment of 27 shell companies during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

Waltz highlighted the committee’s findings, which include bank records, text messages, emails, and witness testimonies, suggesting that the Biden family was selling American influence. He specifically focused on the family’s dealings with China and the Chinese Communist Party, citing the involvement of Chinese state-owned enterprises and the disappearance of Chairman Yi Jiang Ming, who had a history of bribing officials.

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The congressman criticized the Biden family’s denial of receiving money from China and accused them of being involved in one of the largest and most serious corruption scandals in history. He suggested that Hunter Biden was acting as a foreign agent and that both he and his father were complicit in illegal activities. Waltz called for full prosecution and emphasized the need for accountability, despite doubts about the Department of Justice’s willingness to take action.

After nearly eight hours of contentious testimony, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer concluded the impeachment hearing with an announcement of his intention to call President Joe Biden to testify about his alleged involvement in his family’s business endeavors. Comer stated, “In the coming days, I will invite President Biden to the Oversight Committee to provide his testimony and explain why his family received tens of millions of dollars from foreign companies with his assistance. We need to hear from the president himself.” This statement underscores the committee’s determination to delve deeper into the allegations against the Biden family.