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2024 Election

Victor Davis Hanson: Trump’s Opponents in Freefall, Unhinged by Their Failed Attempts to Destroy Him



Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, recently appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the serious implications of the relentless attacks on former President Donald Trump. Hanson highlighted the desperation of Trump’s opponents, who have tried various methods to undermine him, including lawfare, attempts to remove him from the ballot, and efforts to ruin him financially and psychologically. Despite these efforts, they have failed to diminish Trump’s influence or resolve the pressing issues facing the nation, such as law and order, border security, crime, inflation, and energy.

Hanson criticized the current administration for their inability to run on their record, pointing out the disastrous outcomes of their policies and the lack of competence in their leadership. He also noted the absurdity of invoking Hitler in arguments against Trump, arguing that such comparisons are a sign of a lost argument and discredit those who make them.

Furthermore, Hanson discussed the phenomenon of projection, where Trump’s detractors assume he would act as vindictively as they would if in his position. However, Hanson argued that Trump’s record of governance was one of the best in recent memory, without the weaponization of federal agencies seen under the Obama and Biden administrations.

Lastly, Hanson pointed out a revolutionary shift in the Latino and Black communities, who are increasingly aligning with Trump’s policies rather than those of their traditional Democratic leaders. This shift, he argued, is a sign that these communities are rejecting the defund the police movement and the influx of illegal immigration, recognizing that their interests are better served by Trump’s approach. Hanson’s insights underscore the deep divisions and ongoing political realignments in the United States.