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Richard Grenell: ‘America First’ Is Here To Stay



“The doctrine of America first is here to stay,” said former Ambassador Richard Grenell in his speech at CPAC 2021 on Saturday.

“As we’ve seen even in the first month of a new administration, “America first,” electoral popularity and strategic accomplishments ensure that, it no longer belongs to a single party or politician by successfully realigning US foreign policy with the interests of the American people, “America First” is now positioned to guide our country through the trials and tribulations of the next generation.”


“Once unleashed, this doctrine has shown it won’t easily be tossed aside, the American people demanded a part in the democratic process of formulating foreign policy,” continued Grenell.

“Previous administrations have tried to limit the American people’s participation in deciding what kind of foreign policy this country should pursue. They delegated it to unelected technocrats and career bureaucrats with the help of lobbyists and others with financial interests overseas.”

“The overclassification of government documents, the overreliance on special operation forces, the overexpansion of new and overlapping federal agencies and the over politicized nature of intelligence all helped to take national security off the table as a matter for Democratic debate.There is still a group of foreign policy foreign policy professionals who want to restore this old way of doing things.”

“They tell us we can’t understand the complicated issues. So they don’t share all the information with us. They tell us other countries will fail and fall if we don’t send more US troops. They tell us they can solve our problems by creating more government programs and they tell us there will be another war in the Middle East if we move our embassy to Jerusalem. But they lie to us and they think we don’t see it. But fortunately for us, these so-called experts are not very creative or innovative, try as they might, they won’t take back control of the information, the budgeting and the decision making because it is our right as voters to participate in this process.”

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