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Kristi Noem: Biden’s COVID Bill Unfairly Bails out Blue States that shutdown their economies



“It’s a very, very unfair bill,” said South Dakota governor Kristi Noem about Joe Biden’s Recovery Act on Fox News on Tuesday.

“It bails out those states that shut down their economies,” continued Noem. “It rewards them for making people stay in their homes and for taking away our businesses right. To be open and take care of their customers and their employees.”

Noem said that the Recovery Act is “incredibly detrimental to [South Dakota] because we’ve made the right decisions.”

“We trusted people. We have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and are tied for it with Nebraska. And we’re getting through this together. What this bill does is reward New York and Illinois and California for their bad actions and their overstep of our personal liberties and our freedoms.”

“Congress needs to do the right thing. They need to stop doing bills like this. They need to start focusing on what made America great, and that was trusting people, protecting our freedoms and making responsible fiscal decisions.”