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Pete Hegseth: America’s In Serious Trouble With Woke Military



Laura invited author Pete Hegseth to discuss the implications of left-wing idealism creeping into American life and the military.

“Exactly what would our tax dollars and borrowed money be paying for under this current leadership? Because all manner of woke insanity, even our Navy Seals, our most elite military special ops teams, aren’t immune,” Ingraham warned. 

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“Check out their Facebook page. The word pride, which was the hallmark of military service, now co-opted by the far left. This is appalling. The only banners that should be showcased by the military is the United States flag, and the respective flags of the armed forces.”  

Hegseth suggested this type of growing ideological leadership has hindered the military and its original mission. 

“The Pentagon is not short on dollars. They have plenty of that,” Hegseth said.

“What they need to return to is their core mission of lethality, of meritocracy, of readiness, which they have proven unable to do with this kind of ideological leadership, our civilian leadership, Laura, is pushing all this stuff from the Harvard faculty lounge into the 101st airborne and then and acting like they could do what the boys did on D-Day with that kind of environment.”

Hegseth also mentioned that in his latest book, The War on Warriors, he wrote a note to his sons about whether he would want them to serve in today’s military.

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Ask any vet would you want your kids or your grandkids to serve? And it would have previously been automatic. Laura. Oh, yes. Absolutely. The Brotherhood… And now they go: ‘I’m not so sure.’ Do I want them serving under this leadership? What has our country turned our back on not just the warriors but on believing in itself?” he explained. 

“We are at a moment we only have one military, Laura. It’s not like you can move for a different tax rate or a different school if this thing goes helplessly woke, we’re in serious trouble because our enemies are chomping at the bit. I want peace, and I want peace through a strong military that’s capable.”