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2024 Election

Josh Hawley: If You Oppose Democrats, They Will Jail You



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” Josh Hawley exposed the left’s hypocrisy in light of Donald Trump’s guilty conviction. 

While Democrats fear the former president will jail his political opponents if he wins in November, Ingraham and Hawley urged voters to realize that is exactly what the left has been doing to Trump since 2020. 

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“These are the people who are burning down every institution that stands in between their way in power. And by the way, it’s not only Trump,” Hawley said. “I mean, where’s the FBI showing up? They’re showing up at pro-life demonstrators’ doors. They’re sending Swat teams to come and grab pro-life demonstrators and then put him in jail…” 

“The message the Biden people are sending is, and have sent for years is, if you oppose them, they will try to jail you,” he continued. “So it’s hilarious to hear them now say, oh, Donald Trump will do it. They’re the ones who are doing it, which is why they need to go.”

And despite the efforts to bring Trump down, polling data has shown no change since his verdict in May. Hawley believes it’s most likely due to the working-class voter pool.  

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They’re trying to provide for their families. You know, what? They’d like to be able to get a job in this country that hasn’t been taken by an illegal immigrant. They’d like to be able to send their kids to the bus stop and not have them be shot at or stabbed, including by some illegal immigrant,” Hawley explained. 

“You know, they’d like to be able to afford gas. I mean, it’s not hard. And you look at Trump’s years in office and you compare them to now, my gosh, you take that record any day of the week and twice on Sundays. There’s no comparison whatsoever.”