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DeSantis Scores Major Win: Florida Supreme Court Backs Removal of Soros-Backed DA!



In a significant ruling, the Florida Supreme Court has backed Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to remove Andrew Warren, a state attorney supported by George Soros, from his position. The decision marks a major win for DeSantis in his ongoing efforts to address what he views as prosecutorial misconduct and lax enforcement of the law.

Warren, who served as the state attorney for Hillsborough County, was removed by DeSantis in August 2022. The governor cited Warren’s refusal to enforce certain state laws, including those related to abortion and gender-affirming care for minors, as the primary reasons for his removal. DeSantis argued that Warren’s actions were in direct conflict with his duty to uphold state laws and maintain public safety​.

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The Florida Supreme Court’s decision supports DeSantis’ authority to take such action against prosecutors who he believes are not fulfilling their legal obligations. This ruling has been viewed as a reinforcement of the governor’s stance on law and order, which has been a central theme of his administration​.

The removal of Warren has been controversial, with critics arguing that it represents an overreach of executive power and undermines the independence of elected officials. Supporters of DeSantis, however, see it as a necessary step to ensure that laws are enforced uniformly across the state. This ruling may have broader implications for the relationship between state executives and local prosecutors, particularly in instances where there is a perceived conflict between local prosecutorial discretion and state law enforcement priorities​.