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Lisa Boothe: Trump’s Vice Presidential Pick Will Matter More Than Ever



On a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” pollster Matt Towery and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe discussed the importance of Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate ahead of the polls on November 5.   

“I have never been one to believe that the VP pick really changes things a lot. I mean, it can have a boost. Certainly a temporary boost. The campaign always gets won when the attention turns on the candidate. And as long as the candidate doesn’t melt down or have some flaw that no one knows about it, it can certainly give some momentum,” Towery explained. 

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“But I don’t believe that people vote for the most part based on the vice president. I think they base it on the president. They just want a good running mate, someone who’s who’s competent. And in my opinion, they want somebody who has a personality, which is something the Republicans always do well when they choose personality, like a Ronald Reagan or a Donald Trump.”

Boothe, however, disagreed with Towery and suggested that there may be a bigger spotlight on the vice presidential pick this election due to Trump’s guilty verdict and the possibility that he may be limited during the campaign trail. 

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“I’ve typically looked at the vice presidential candidate as just a rounding out of the ticket, but this time I actually do believe it matters more because whoever ends up being the vice presidential pick could end up being the de facto presidential candidate for a period of time,” Boothe argued.

“I mean, look how far the Democrats have demonstrated they’re willing to take this law fair against Donald Trump. There is a very real possibility that Judge Merchan either puts Donald Trump in jail or tries to sideline him with house arrest. So whoever ends up being the vice presidential pick could end up being the one that’s on TV screens across the country – the one at rallies, really trying to get voters to turn out and get excited about the Republican ticket.”