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2020 Election

Trump fighting for every vote



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Eight states in three days. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have had their chance to see their president in person since his recovery from Covid-19.

President Trump is using every last minute of his campaign to reach as many people as he can.

“And whatever happens on Tuesday, no one will ever be able to say he didn’t fight for every vote,” said Laura Ingraham the host of Ingraham Show” on a Sunday special on Fox News.

This race is coming is now clearly turning to be about “virtue and courage.”

“Trump has it and Biden never did in his four years in office,” said Ingraham.

“President Trump stared down and fought back against the corrupt U.S. media. He fought back against China and their cheating. Against big business that wanted to continue outsourcing. Against the old GOP establishment and, of course, our favorite rhinos. And then there’s Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff. And then, of course, the entire deep state. And then there were the lies about his character, lies about his views on race. And who can forget Mueller’s phony Russia witch hunt, impeachment and the nonstop threats against his own family.”

And at the end of it all, he is literally using every minute he can to reach as many people as he can to convince them to stay with his America first agenda, not because, by the way, it’s good for him personally, because it’s good for the regular people who are the backbone of America. Black, white, Latino, Asian, recent immigrants, and the American citizens.”

“The media doesn’t want folks to think about how painful it will be for families to lose that six thousand dollar pay raise they saw under Trump’s policies. Biden is open borders, his tax and spend outsourcing, Green New Deal agenda will ensure that that six thousand dollar in your pocket evaporate.”

“And as for Joe’s running mate, the coronavirus, we can see from Europe’s new Covid-19 caseloads and the death explosion there and their economic implosion, that Trump’s also out managed every other country in the G7 on the virus. It took courage to resist the calls by unelected experts like, frankly, Dr. Fauci to keep things close longer.”

“Trump saved American jobs. And he also saved American lives by doing that. But Joe Biden, he has no such courage. He’s just a guy who does what he’s told. In 47 years, there’s literally no example of Biden standing up to the swamp to fight for the working man and woman. Somewhere along the way, he sold out Scranton for Shanghai. And now he’s trying to play the working-class hero? Sorry, Joe. Tell it to Corn Pop.”

“If you don’t have courage as a political leader, your other virtues don’t matter all that much. All Biden’s decency and character talk just become hot air. Most of you already know what’s at stake 48 hours from now. The fact is Republicans will need to show up in huge numbers to overcome what is a wall of money and a wall of propaganda behind the moribund candidacy of Joe Biden.”

“The polls are what they are. But remember this, no one can stop you from casting your vote on Election Day.”