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Unflappable and Professional: Biggs Praises Special Counsel Hur Amid Dem Attacks



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham welcomed Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs to discuss the contentious hearing involving special counsel Robert Hur and the Democrats’ narrative surrounding President Biden. Biggs, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, provided insightful commentary on the Democrats‘ attempt to craft a narrative that exonerated President Biden, despite the lack of a formal indictment.

Biggs explained that what Mr. Hur did was make a “charging decision,” which is different from exoneration. He clarified that a charging decision means prosecution success is unlikely, and therefore, proceeding is not warranted. This distinction is crucial, as Biggs pointed out that no client is ever found innocent; they might be found not guilty, but never innocent. He accused the Democrats of knowingly crafting a narrative around the terms “Donald Trump” and “exoneration,” neither of which were applicable or apropos to Mr. Hur’s testimony.

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Ingraham humorously summarized the Democrats’ argument for Biden 2024 as, “He wasn’t indicted,” highlighting the lack of substantial achievements to tout. She also pointed out the aggressive behavior of Congressman Adam Schiff during the hearing, as he berated Hur, who remained poised and professional throughout the ordeal.

Biggs commended Hur for his unflappable demeanor, which he believes frustrated the Democrats. He criticized the Democrats for their relentless defense of the Biden brand, emphasizing that it has always been about protecting their interests rather than seeking the truth. “It’s always about defending the brand. The same brand that his own family’s been selling for years. And that’s the Biden brand,” Biggs stated.

Ingraham concluded the segment by asserting that the Democrats’ ultimate goal is to “boss the rest of us around for the next four years,” a sentiment that resonates with many conservatives who are wary of the current administration’s policies and tactics. The conversation between Ingraham and Biggs sheds light on the political theater that often dominates Washington, D.C., and the importance of scrutinizing the narratives crafted by those in power.