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JD Vance on Key Issues: Economy, Education, Border Crisis, and More



In a recent interview on “Fox & Friends,” JD Vance, a potential vice presidential candidate, discussed his stance on various critical issues. The interview, conducted by Lawrence Jones, provided insight into where Vance stands on topics such as the economy, education, and border security. Here’s a detailed look at his positions:

Economy: Strengthening Manufacturing and Energy Independence

When asked about his economic vision, JD Vance emphasized the importance of revitalizing the manufacturing sector. “A lot more manufacturing jobs,” he said, highlighting that thriving economies have a strong foundation in manufacturing. Vance also stressed the need for energy independence, stating, “They’re developing their own energy.” This approach, he believes, will create a robust and resilient economic landscape.

Education: Advocating for School Choice

On the topic of education, Vance is a strong proponent of school choice. “School choice actually is necessary to give parents the ability to give their kids a good education,” he asserted. Vance pointed out the significant impact that access to quality education has on a child’s life outcomes. By promoting self-reliance and ensuring that parents can choose the best educational paths for their children, Vance aims to bridge the gap between underperforming and high-achieving schools.

Border Crisis: Firm Stance on Immigration and Security

Addressing the border crisis, Vance called for decisive congressional action. “You need Congress to take congressional action so that Biden or whoever else comes after Trump can’t undo everything that he did that was smart on the border,” he stated. Vance advocated for the construction of the border wall and the deportation of illegal immigrants, emphasizing the need for Republicans to stand firm against media criticism. His tough stance on border security reflects a commitment to maintaining order and safety.

Reflections on Trump’s Presidency: Success and Media Criticism

Vance praised Donald Trump’s presidency, describing him as a “great president” who brought “freedom, prosperity, and peace on the world stage.” He noted that Trump’s success changed his perspective, especially regarding the media. “Trump’s presidency revealed, at least to me, how corrupt the media was. It taught me a very important lesson about how the media lies,” Vance remarked.

Personal Integrity and Democratic Criticism

When questioned about why he is feared by some Democrats, Vance attributed it to his authenticity and clear beliefs. “I actually do know what I believe, and I’m not afraid to say, look, I was wrong or I was right about this issue,” he explained. Vance’s background, growing up in a poor, working-class community, makes it difficult for opponents to attack him based on typical political narratives. “There’s something just about my biography that makes it a little bit harder for these guys to attack me,” he added.