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2024 Election

Top Pollster Predicts Trump Will Win Election by Significant Margin



Despite his personal preference for Biden, notable pollster Nate Silver’s model objectively shows Trump as the current favorite. Silver has launched his 2024 presidential election forecast, revealing a significant edge for Donald Trump over Joe Biden. Despite acknowledging the model’s inherent imperfections, Silver’s initial results suggest Trump has a 65.7 percent chance of winning, while Biden has just a 33.7 percent chance of victory.

Silver’s model, now available on the Silver Bulletin landing page, offers extensive charts, tables, and data. While polling averages are accessible to all, detailed forecasts and probabilities are reserved for subscribers. A narrative story accompanies the model, offering a deep dive into the current forecast, and a brief methodology post explains the minimal changes since the 2020 model used at FiveThirtyEight.

At the Manifest conference, Silver explained the structured thinking behind his models. His forecast considers factors like economic indicators, approval ratings, and historical trends. Despite some surprising initial numbers, Silver believes this disciplined approach prevents bias and provides statistical precision.

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Biden faces an uphill battle, especially in crucial swing states. Silver highlights that if Biden loses states like Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada, he must win all three Rust Belt states—Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania—where he is currently trailing. This makes Biden’s path to victory significantly narrower.

Silver also addresses the challenge of building an accurate model with limited sample sizes and emphasizes that various models show different probabilities, from a 50 percent chance for Trump (538’s new model) to a 71 percent chance (the Economist). He stresses that no single model reveals absolute truth but offers a structured way to understand the election dynamics.

As the election approaches, these forecasts will be updated regularly, offering valuable insights into the shifting political landscape.