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2024 Election

Josh Hawley: This Election is a Referendum on Biden’s Record of Chaos



In a recent segment on “The Ingraham Angle,” hosted by Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley provided sharp commentary on the upcoming presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The debate, hosted by CNN, is seen as a critical moment for Biden, whose campaign is described as “teetering on the edge of a cliff.”

Senator Hawley did not hold back in his assessment of Biden’s record and the challenges he faces. “He’s got a lot of explaining to do,” Hawley stated. He criticized the economic conditions under Biden, emphasizing the struggles of working-class Americans. “If you are a working man, your wages have been flat or declining under Joe Biden, while the woke CEOs are richer than they ever have been. If you are a working family, you cannot afford to buy gas. You can’t afford to buy groceries. You got to work two jobs just in order to make ends meet.”

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Hawley also highlighted issues related to credit card interest rates and border security, pointing to the chaos he believes has ensued under Biden’s administration. “Do you like people coming across the border and shooting at our kids? Do you like the chaos overseas? He’s got to explain all of it. He can’t explain any of it,” Hawley asserted.

When discussing the debate strategy, Hawley ridiculed the notion that Biden should avoid discussing his record. “The big worry ought to be the facts,” he said. “Here’s the question to pose to Joe Biden and to the American people: Do you like chaos? Because that’s what you got under Joe Biden. How many wars were we in when Donald Trump was president? Zero. How many are we in now with Joe Biden? It’s hard to keep track.”

Hawley further stressed that the upcoming election is a referendum on Biden’s presidency. “This is a referendum on him. That’s what this election is about,” he declared. He contrasted Biden’s tenure with Trump’s, emphasizing issues like gas prices and the overall stability of the country. “What was gas under Donald Trump? I mean, you could afford it. What is it now? Nobody can fill their cars up.”

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The senator concluded by making the stakes clear for voters. “This election is about Joe Biden and what he has done to this country. The choice is really simple. If you don’t want your lives, your kids, and your neighborhoods in total chaos, time to vote for Trump.”

Hawley’s comments encapsulate a growing sentiment among Republicans who view the upcoming debate as a crucial juncture for Biden’s campaign and a decisive moment for American voters.