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Sen. Josh Hawley : It’s Time For Republicans To Unite Behind Populist Agenda



Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., dissected the incoming results of the Pennsylvania primaries with the “The Ingraham Angle” and how Republicans need to rally together to win midterms in November.

JOSH HAWLEY: I would just say that I think you’ve got it right. And to all of those in the Republican Party, when it comes to the squabbles who have tried to gin up some kind of a war between the Trump or populist wing of the party and the establishment Republicans, it’s time to admit defeat on that. The voters in the Republican primaries have made very clear what they want. They want an agenda that is focused on their needs. There is no war in the Republican Party. The Republican voters have made it very clear, and now it’s time to unite behind that populist agenda and drive it to victory in November.

Democrats’ Freedom Problem

I would say that what I describe myself as, and I think where the American people are, is we’re nationalists. And my concern with the Ukraine aid package, $40 billion to Ukraine, is that it’s not national security, it’s nation-building. I mean, this is right back to the failed policy in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we are literally funding the Ukrainian government. This aid package would write a check for $9 billion directly to the Ukrainian government. That’s in addition to all of the other money. So, listen, I’m not for nation-building. I’m for putting the national security of the American people first. That’s nationalism. That’s the best tradition of the Republican Party and it’s time we got back to it.

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