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Biden’s Plan to Destroy America



Laura Ingraham highlighted the various measures is Biden is taking that are contributing to the downfall of America on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, if you wanted to devise a plan for America’s foreign policy that worked totally at cross-purposes, you’d be hard-pressed to match what Biden and his team are doing right now. Now let’s go through the steps one by one. Number one. Destroy America’s energy independence. Like we all know this, he aims to obliterate our oil and gas industry. Our energy supplies from Louisiana to Pennsylvania to California would power us for about 400 years or so. But the Greeniac’s pulling Biden strings want it shut down. And as a result, well Americans are suffering high prices for everything and still they’re climbing. And Biden’s sappy anecdotes about his childhood, they don’t help. 

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Oh, my. Still with that tired old line. Now the transition. Yeah. Come on. I love the meaningless euphemisms by Biden. Like, day by day, this anti fossil fuel obsession is making us weaker. So we’ve gone from self-sufficient to dependent. We’re beggars for energy from despots around the world. Now step two is to make China rich and powerful.

So of course, 11 years later, Biden will reward China for all that good behavior during COVID by lifting Trump’s tariffs on made in China goods that enter the United States. Yeah, I wish I were joking. 

Clearly, this is what he’d like to do, lift the tariffs. And the only reason he’s not done it yet is because he’s afraid of the voters and pathetic, pathetic as it is the GOP leadership, they also want them lifted like yesterday. And our enrichment of the CCP also extends to America’s colleges and universities that gladly matriculate more than 300,000 Chinese students every year. Now, when Biden was vice president, the number was about half that, but he was giddy.

What could go wrong? Biological materials going to China. Now, during the Trump administration, the federal law enforcement got very serious about stopping Chinese espionage on these college campuses. But under Biden, China, of course, is getting a free pass. Now, at the same time, Biden and many GOP old guard types want us to get deeper into the Eastern European quagmire by sending what will undoubtedly end up being hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine. And that’s step three. 

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