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2024 Election

Detroit Voters Want Change, Not Promises



Laura Ingraham welcomed Valerie Parker, a Donald Trump supporter from Detroit, and Kimberly Taylor, an undecided voter from just outside the city, to discuss the Republican nominee’s latest speech in Michigan on Saturday. 

“You know, I did hear something about the recommitment to the American people and making sure that there’s prosperity within our borders and not sending it elsewhere,” Taylor said. “And that’s something appealing to people as we are dealing with this inflation at an all-time high. And just really, instead of striving, you know, we are just barely surviving right now. And I’ve never seen a time like this.” 

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Parker agreed and explained why energy policies, to address the rising cost of bills, will play a vital role in swaying how people vote. 

“I think that with the energy cost, it would make things easier. And then low-income people, they have a chance to get ready for this grid that they keep threatening that they’re going to shut down. So I think what [Trump’s] saying is right on point and it’s going to help a lot of people.”

Nevertheless, with numerous policies being proposed by Democrats and Republicans alike, Taylor said she wants change, not promises.

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“There are a lot of opportunities in this country. However, you must know where the doors of opportunity are in order to take advantage of them,” Taylor explained. 

“And I really feel that those opportunities are closely guarded in this day and age. And that we don’t have enough people that are truly concerned with helping us to make our way out of poverty, or if not even poverty, to just maintain a middle-class status.”