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2024 Election

Unions Turn on Biden: Teamsters Prez Accepts Invite to Speak at RNC



In a significant political development, Sean O’Brien, president of the Teamsters Union, has accepted an invitation from former President Donald Trump to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee. This move highlights a growing shift in union support as President Joe Biden’s backing among organized labor wavers.

The announcement comes after a private meeting between Trump and O’Brien, during which they discussed key issues affecting union members, including workers’ wages, union rights, and economic policies. This engagement is part of Trump’s broader strategy to win over blue-collar workers, who played a crucial role in his 2016 victory and are expected to be pivotal in the upcoming election​.

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Union voters have traditionally leaned Democratic, but Trump’s efforts aim to exploit existing divisions between union leadership and rank-and-file members. The Teamsters, historically supportive of Democratic candidates, are now demonstrating a more open approach to endorsements. This openness was evident as the union held roundtable discussions with various presidential candidates across the political spectrum, including Republicans and independents​.

President Biden, who has prided himself on being a pro-union president, faces challenges in maintaining this crucial support base. The Teamsters’ willingness to engage with Trump underscores the discontent within the union ranks regarding current economic conditions and the administration’s policies.

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Reacting to this news, Laura Ingraham tweeted, “Teamsters…Trump…it’s time. Big news. Long overdue,” reflecting the significant political implications of this development. The upcoming RNC speech by O’Brien is poised to be a major event, potentially reshaping the political landscape as the 2024 election approaches.