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Covid Origins: Journalism in the U.S. is “Dead”



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Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened “The Ingraham Angle” Monday declaring journalism in the U.S. “dead” for ignoring facts about the origins of the coronavirus last year because “they didn’t like Trump.”

INGRAHAM: This headline from Vox captured the coverage in March 2020.  They called the lab leak theory a “conspiracy” and a “rumor” and claimed evidence “to the contrary.” Again – I want you to marinate in this for a moment – Because they didn’t like Trump, the American media, and their Demigod Anthony Fauci, gave a communist regime that enslaves millions of people the benefit of the doubt on an issue that led to worldwide death and economic ruin.  Beyond the origins of COVID, we see now that Trump was pretty much right on every major issue facing America, while Democrats and their media propagandists were wrong.  

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly warned voters that if they chose Biden, things on the domestic and foreign policy front would start to unravel. Foreseeing how disastrous extended lockdowns would be for the economy, Trump urged all the governors to open their states … for that he was called “reckless,” and “irresponsible,” and “anti-science” for saying so. And Biden wanted re-openings to mimic his own style – very slow.