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Black Lives Matter is Profiting Off Rising Crime and Tragedy



Groups like Black Lives Matter aren’t doing much to remedy the current climbing crime rates across the U.S., “The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham pointed out Tuesday.

Ingraham explained that the “far left’s anti-police vendettas” put the people they claim to care about in danger, including in publicly barricaded areas like the George Floyd Memorial area in Minnesota.

“Black Lives Matter and other organizations that profit off tragedy – they’re not losing sleep about any of this,” she said. “Do they ever hold a press conference to encourage communities to take personal responsibility for the fatherless young men committing most of the crime against other minorities? Of course not. Keeping the political theater going to extract concessions is what always matters most.”

While conditions in Minneapolis are continuously dangerous, Ingraham said Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., aims to “pull the thread faster” after writing a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging him to expand his federal probe into Minneapolis police.

“[T]he murder of Mr. Floyd is not unique — it is a pattern among many Minnesota law enforcement agencies,” Omar wrote.

“Omar, and the 19 other left-wing officials who co-signed this letter, are bald-faced liars,” Ingraham reacted. “If you want to know who should be voted out of office, it’s every single person who signed that letter.”

Ingraham argued that as long as our government and representatives push the rhetoric that our nation is systemically racist, violence will continue to rage on.

“It’s so destructive and it’s so sad – especially for the minority-owned small businesses and the families just trying to get by and stay safe,” she said. “They don’t want things vandalized, they don’t want things looted. They want things to get better.”

“There are signs that some commonsense Democrats see they’re on the losing side of this issue. Public safety shouldn’t be political. It’s essential.”