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Whistleblowers Played Massive Part In Exposing Hunter Biden



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” Lara was joined by Mike Davis, founder and president of the Article Three Project, and Tristan Levitt, attorney for the IRS whistleblowers to discuss Hunter Biden’s conviction. 

According to Davis, the whole trial was a sideshow. “We had this Democrat-picked U.S. Attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, who covered up for Joe Biden and the Biden family. They tried to have a sweetheart plea deal with a back door pardon. This judge in Delaware called them out on that. And then we have these gun charges that don’t tie to Joe Biden. They only tied to Hunter Biden,” he said.

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“So these are serious charges. Hunter Biden, if they actually follow the law here, 97% of people who are convicted of this gun charge go to prison and they go to prison for many years.”

Levitt suggested that Hunter would never have been convicted in the first place if it weren’t for whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

“Before we sent the letter to Congress indicating that Gary Shapley intended to come forward, this case was languishing with nothing. There wasn’t even a plea deal. They were just going to let it die with nothing happening,” Levitt explained. 

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“So none of this would be happening today were it not for the whistleblowers, exposing the fact that DOJ and the IRS approved massive charges against Hunter Biden and then decided to let them drop one by one.”

However, Shapley and Ziegler’s are now the subject of Hunter’s latest suit against the IRS. “Hunter Biden is bringing this suit, making these outlandish allegations that they broke the law by using the whistleblower statute,” Levitt said.