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Laura: Biden Family Wealth and Lies Remain Unexplained Amid Hunter’s Conviction



On June 11, 2024, a federal jury in Delaware found Hunter Biden guilty on all three felony gun charges he was facing – a conviction that Ingraham said was not shocking in the slightest.

“Given that we know that [Hunter] was often a drug addled mess who frequent in with prostitutes, we ask again, what exact expertise did he have when foreign entities, including China, decided to pay him tens of millions of dollars?” she probed. 

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“And why have the Bidens repeatedly lied about Joe’s involvement? The Bidens have become one of the richest families in the history of American politics, and to this moment, no one has ever been able to explain what Hunter or Jim or any of the other Bidens did to get paid.”

And while the left use Hunter’s trial as an example of judicial excellency in America, Laura argues that it only highlights the unfair and hypocritical treatment given to Trump during his legal proceedings. 

“Oh, nice try kids. Hunter’s case involved a clearly provable crime. Trump’s involved a totally novel application of a state statute, a predicate crime never specified. A partizan prosecutor and a compromised judge,” Ingraham explained. 

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“No one is shocked here with this hunter trial. Of course, Hunter lied at a gun forum. He was a crack addict who had an affair with his dead brother’s wife and turned that poor woman on crack as well. I think the only shocking part here is that he was convicted in Wilmington, but I guess even Delaware is at this point sick of the Bidens.”