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2024 Election

Trump’s Other Opponent



At this point, the November ballot is not so much Trump versus Biden, as it is Trump versus Kamala Harris. Biden’s debate performance showed the world that it is inconceivable he could serve a full second term—and even if he did, no one will pay attention to him anyway.

Voters will understand that voting for Biden means voting for another babbling incompetent, only one who is decades younger. Her record on the border alone should be enough to terrify even the staunchest Trump critic, but her famous world salad is perpetual cringe. (Simply Google “Kamala” and “word salad”.)

Bad News for Democrats: Poll Shows Trump Outperforming Potential Biden Replacements

A Biden comeback means Harris will grow closer to winning the 2028 nomination, and that will make her more and more powerful – even if she doesn’t formally take over. The Trump campaign, would be wise to pivot at some point soon to attacking the record of his real opponent.