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Stop funding the destruction of the next generation



The sad fact is, all this critical race theory nonsense, it’s not going to do a darn thing to help kids live better, more productive, more harmonious lives. American education, run by mostly progressive nightmares and the unions, it’s been on a slow downward slide for decades. We all know that compared to other countries, we’re getting our butts kicked in key areas. A 2019 U.S. News study showed that U.S. students rank 30th in math, 8th in reading and 11th in science. Now, that translates to performing slightly above average in reading and science and slightly below average in mathematics, with no real improvement in those subjects over many years. Now, this is despite everything we do and all the money we spend on U.S. education.

My friends, this simply cannot continue unless we want our kids to grow up to be uneducated, militant, angry, entitled and totally ungrateful kids and as adults. What’s being done to our children, from the absurd COVID school closures to this, is just its own form of child abuse and those responsible for those policies and those getting rich off this hateful propaganda, they should be run out of the schools by parents who know better.

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