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2024 Election

The Great Awakening: Black Conservatives Explain Shift to Trump



In a recent gathering at the Black Conservatives Federation Gala, attendees shared their thoughts on the current political landscape and their support for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 election. “The sentiment was clear: many felt disillusioned with President Joe Biden‘s performance and policies, particularly concerning the black community,” one attendee told the Washington Examiner.

One speaker pointed out the numerous issues under Biden’s administration, saying, “The issues are numerous on why we should not support Joe Biden again.” Another attendee expressed disappointment, stating, “President Biden hasn’t done anything for the black community. Not that I’ve seen.”

The feeling of a political awakening was a common theme among the speakers. “A lot of us are waking up from the normal, the political veil that’s over our eyes,” said one attendee. Another added, “I really want people to just wake up. For blacks in particular, it has been a voting blindly Democrat.”

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The Black Conservative Federation, serving as the premier hub for Black conservatives throughout the country, aims to provide resources for expanding and sustaining conservative principles that strengthen and uplift communities. Concerns were also raised about Biden’s immigration policies. “Opening the border for an invasion is not one of them,” one attendee remarked, referring to the promises made by Biden. Another attendee criticized the handling of illegal immigration, stating, “People who are illegal immigrants, not following the proper procedure with immigration and going through the normal channels. But you’re skipping the line.”

The economy was another sore point. “Economy is terrible. Biden does not work for me,” one speaker said. The sentiment was echoed by another who lamented the increase in gas prices since Trump’s presidency: “And gas is doubled. What I was paying under Donald Trump. I want Trump, Donald Trump,” as reported by the Washington Examiner.

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Trump’s historical connections with the black community were also highlighted. “If we even look at his history before he was the president, he had lots of connections. And the hip-hop community and business,” one attendee shared. Another attendee added, “Trump is gaining more black supporters because people are opening their eyes.”

The attendees at the Black Conservatives Federation Honors made it clear that they are looking for change and see Trump as a more relatable and effective leader for their community than Biden.