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2024 Election

Sen. Tim Scott: Trump Did More For Minorities Than Joe Biden Will Ever Do



South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has openly endorsed Donald Trump’s 2024 White House bid despite his longstanding friendship with Republican candidate Nikki Haley

Although Scott was appointed to the Senate back in 2013 by the former South Carolina governor, he told Laura Ingraham on ‘The Angle’ that Haley is not prioritizing America’s greatest threat – the US-Mexico border. 

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“She served our state well as a conservative governor,” Scott said, but “she has decided to be a moderate Republican presidential candidate.”

He added: “When you think about the fact that we don’t spend enough money on our border, and yet we’re going to talk about whether it is Ukraine or Israel, which I support both. I can tell you this, if we don’t have accountability, you can’t spend money in Ukraine. You have to protect America’s border. The greatest invasion in American history has come across our southern border.”

Nevertheless, Senator Scott’s support of Trump and his ideals has garnered criticism from liberals who wonder “how he sleeps at night” and “how he faces his friends and family.”

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In response to the judgment, Ingraham pointed out that it came as no surprise considering “nothing is more horrifying and enraging to the left than an African American who they can’t control. 

“It’s why they hate Clarence Thomas, yet love Claudine Gay because he refuses to be their race puppet. But she plays right along. They use any excuse to lacerate Justice Thomas but they bent over backward for years to downplay and even hide her academic corruption.”