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Jack Brewer Accuses White House of Using Gender Dysphoria for Political Gain



Jack Brewer, ordained minister and chairman of the Jack Brewer Foundation, recently appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show ‘The Ingraham Angle‘ to discuss President Biden‘s remarks regarding the Transgender Day of Visibility. Brewer criticized Biden for his handling of the issue, accusing the administration of promoting mental health disorders and disregarding religious beliefs.

Brewer condemned the White House’s approach, stating that they are using gender dysphoria and other issues as political tools to advance their agenda. He expressed concern for the impact on children, noting that they look up to the president and are being misled by his words.

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He also criticized the administration for neglecting other mental health issues, saying, “You know, in this country we treat every other mental health disorder. But all of a sudden, when it comes to gender dysphoria in our youth, we want to affirm that.”

In response to Ingraham’s comments about the confusion facing children today, Brewer agreed, calling it “demonic” and pointing out the lack of male role models and complete homes for many children in the United States. He argued that the removal of prayer and religious teachings from schools has contributed to societal issues such as crime, violence, and disrespect.

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Ingraham added that Christianity offers mercy and hope, contrasting it with what she perceives as the left’s unforgiving nature towards those who do not conform to their beliefs. She highlighted the concept of forgiveness in Christianity and criticized the left’s treatment of individuals like former President Trump.

The discussion between Brewer and Ingraham shed light on the broader societal implications of the Biden administration’s policies on gender and religion, highlighting the divide between conservative and liberal viewpoints on these issues.