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2024 Election

Rep. Luna Slams Biden Admin for Losing Touch with Faithful Latino Voters



The Biden administration’s approach to the Latino vote and faith messaging has come under scrutiny, particularly after a recent incident involving the omission of transgender visibility posts on their Spanish-language social media accounts. During an interview on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna criticized the administration’s decision, suggesting that it was intentional and aimed at appeasing the Hispanic voting bloc.

Luna, who represents a largely Catholic and Christian community, highlighted the significance of Easter to many Hispanic Americans and argued that the administration’s focus on Trans Awareness Day over Easter could alienate this crucial demographic. She suggested that the administration’s actions were part of a broader effort to regain support from Hispanic voters, a group that she noted is now the largest voting minority in the country, especially those of Mexican descent.

The Angle: Latinos Against Liberalism

The congresswoman also raised concerns about the administration’s messaging to Latino voters, citing previous instances where she believed the administration had shown disrespect, such as Jill Biden’s reference to Hispanic Americans as “breakfast tacos” and President Biden playing Despacito during his election campaign. Luna emphasized that issues like inflation, jobs, and the economy were top priorities for Hispanic voters and suggested that the administration’s messaging could backfire, leading to increased support for former President Trump in the upcoming election.

Luna’s remarks highlight the Biden administration’s struggle to connect with faithful Latino voters, indicating a widening gap between the administration’s messaging and the sentiments of this crucial demographic. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges political campaigns face in effectively engaging with diverse communities and the risks of failing to understand and respect their unique perspectives and priorities. As Luna aptly put it, the administration’s actions are indicative of a larger trend where they are losing touch with Hispanic voters, a shift that could have significant implications in 2024 elections.