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The Angle: Latinos Against Liberalism



Fox News host Laura Ingraham told viewers Thursday that Latino voters are looking for results and Democrats are not delivering them — just “empty rhetoric and bad Spanish.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: It seems like just yesterday, when the conventional wisdom repeated endlessly on the airwaves, was that Trump-era Republicans kind of risk losing Hispanic voters forever… Now, indeed, Democrats thought they had the Latino vote in the bag forever. Just throw them a few clichés about how we’re a nation of immigrants and then humor them with meaningless gestures or, as it’s now called, Hispandering.

Biden’s Plan to Destroy America

Biden and the Democrats in Congress, they’re obviously not delivering results. Among Latinos, the president’s approval rating now stands at a stunningly low 26%. If you’re Nancy Pelosi, there’s not enough designer ice cream in the freezer to make that go down any better. The issues Latinos care about are also the issues that the rest of us care about. Inflation is the top concern with jobs and the economy coming in second. 

And guess who they think is better on the economy and inflation? Duh. Well, according to an Ipsos survey among Latinos, Republicans edge out Democrats 24–19. And notable is that back in December, there was no difference between the two parties. So things have only deteriorated in these past three months, we see that, leading more Hispanics to ask important questions like, “Is my paycheck actually keeping up with the increased cost of living? Or can my kids get a good education? Or are things better or worse than they were, let’s say, in 2019? Or do I have the money to fill my tank this week?” 


The Republicans’ message to Latino voters here should be pretty straightforward and clear. If you want a better life for your children, a chance for a thriving business, safer streets, real respect for your faith and values and schools that teach without propaganda, then say goodbye to the Democrat Party. If you want a future, though, for your kids, that leaves them with no real options other than maybe pot, porn and government checks, then stay with Biden’s crew. Oh, absolutely. The truth is, the liberals don’t really like you. They just use you and they talk down to you every single campaign season. They think you’re stupid. We think you’re smart. 

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