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Ingraham: Biden Team Creating Databases, and You Should be Very Worried



In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Tuesday, host Laura Ingraham warned that Democrats, led by President Biden, are intent on treating half the United States as a “mortal enemy” and in turn denying Americans’ civil liberties and constitutional rights.

“They’re making lists,” she began. “We don’t trust the Biden administration to protect our civil liberties, period. They abused their power on COVID. They abused their power in the way they handled the Jan. 6 situation, and they trash our country’s history every chance they get.”

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“After 13 months of President Biden, Americans have every reason to be suspicious of anything they do that involves collecting information about Americans. I’m talking about lists, databases or surveillance of anything, including your health records or social media history. Let’s face it, they treat half of the country as if they’re the mortal enemy, a threat to be controlled, not a constituency to be served.”

The Biden administration is using this tactic against innocent parents who are concerned about their children being taught anti-American theories in school, or those who speak out against mask mandates, she said, pointing to a Justice Department memo that was released following concern about Ashburn, Va., parents at school board meetings.

“[Attorney General Merrick Garland’s] words at the time were meant to intimidate and scare parents. If you’re upset and angry at the direction your school board is taking and you show up and you speak your mind, as is your constitutional right, by the way, now you have to be worried about being caught up in some bogus domestic terror dragnet,” Ingraham said.

“And rather than treat Jan. 6 as a protest that got way out of hand with some criminal elements, no doubt the Biden administration and their media cronies insisted on claiming that it was an insurrection and treating everyone who supported President Trump as a traitor.”

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“Here’s how the Biden team looks at the world: They believe that most people who support the GOP are dangerous, they’re dangerous elements that need to be policed and watched.”

She played clips of Biden calling the riot an “insurrection” on par with the Civil War, noting that Biden continues to preach that Americans who own firearms he dubs “assault weapons” may be sought.

Regarding the “lists” in that realm, Ingraham pointed to recent reporting that the Biden government is “digitizing” firearm purchase files, potentially for clandestine surveillance of innocent Americans practicing their explicit Second Amendment right.

“Your Second Amendment rights, I hate to break it to mean nothing to them. They stopped church attendance protected by the First Amendment over a pandemic. You don’t think they’d try to stop gun ownership protected by the Second Amendment over an epidemic of violence,” she said.

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“Democrat mayors, they don’t give a rip about crime, if they did, they wouldn’t be empowering the BLM crowd at the expense of the public safety,” she added.

“Republicans in Congress, especially when they take back power, need to exercise strict oversight over every aspect of this Biden team. And they need to prohibit and defund every action and every policy that undermines our basic constitutional rights. There are a lot of such actions and policies.”

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