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Ryan Zinke Rips Biden’s Energy Policies Preventing US Independence



Former Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke talks with “The Ingraham Angle” about the series of poor decisions the Biden administration has made in regard to U.S. energy production and independence.

RYAN ZINKE: You know, it is quite something. The first two years of the Trump administration, we went from 8.3 million barrels a day in declining in just two years to 12.5 Million barrels a day, the world’s largest exporter of energy. And it just wasn’t fossil fuels, it was across the board. So fast-forward now we have Russia and we should immediately ban Russian oil. We should immediately approve the Keystone [XL pipeline]. We should immediately approve drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. This is not the Anwar, it’s a national petroleum reserve and accelerate permitting so we can capture our flaring gas so we can build LNG terminals and supply our allies with energy. It is that simple. Yet this administration, well, and at every juncture, they’re making the wrong decision. It’s a series of mistakes now that has real consequences because we couldn’t put in a deterrent that prevented this from happening. And now real people are suffering the consequences. 

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