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2024 Election

RFK Jr.’s VP Selection: Nicole Shanahan’s Wealth and Inexperience in the Spotlight



In a move that has caught many by surprise, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., known for his environmental activism and Democratic lineage, has chosen Nicole Shanahan as his running mate for the 2024 presidential race. Shanahan, a wealthy entrepreneur with a background in law and technology, is a newcomer to the political scene, sparking both intrigue and skepticism.

Kennedy introduced Shanahan during a sold-out event in Oakland, California, stating, “I wanted a VP who will speak for millennials and Gen Z. Someone who cares about healing our children, protecting our environment, restoring our soils, and getting the chemicals out of our food, and who understands how technology will either enslave us or give us a path back to freedom and prosperity”.

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Shanahan, expressing her commitment to the campaign, remarked, “There is only one moment in time and one candidate that I would step into this capacity for. That time is now and that candidate is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.” She further emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of childhood development issues and prioritizing American wellness .

According to Politico, Shanahan’s philanthropic work through the Bia-Echo Foundation aligns with Kennedy’s progressive agenda. However, her lack of political experience is a point of contention, raising questions about her suitability for the vice presidency.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that Kennedy’s choice of Shanahan is a strategic attempt to bring a fresh perspective to Washington. By selecting a running mate outside the traditional political sphere, Kennedy seems to be positioning himself as a candidate of change.

Fox News highlights Shanahan’s wealth and her involvement in high-profile legal battles, including a patent dispute with Google. Her financial resources and connections to Silicon Valley could be double-edged swords, potentially boosting the campaign’s funding while also drawing criticism for her elite status and lack of political credentials.

Kennedy’s decision to pick Shanahan is a calculated risk. While her entrepreneurial success and philanthropic efforts are commendable, her inexperience in governance and deep ties to the tech industry may not resonate with voters looking for seasoned leaders in these tumultuous times.

As the 2024 election approaches, the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket will be under scrutiny to see if this unconventional pairing can appeal to a broad spectrum of voters or if it will be viewed as a misjudgment in Kennedy’s pursuit of the presidency.