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2024 Election

RFK Jr. Critiques Biden’s State of the Union, Offers Alternative Path



In a recent appearance on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a 2024 independent presidential candidate, shared his vision for America and offered his perspective on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Host Laura Ingraham highlighted Biden’s focus on his predecessor during the address. Kennedy contrasted this by emphasizing unity and rebuilding the nation. He critiqued Biden’s speech, suggesting it lacked the unifying tone expected of a State of the Union address. “It was more of a campaign stump speech rather than a statesmanlike and presidential, unifying speech,” Kennedy remarked.

Discussing Ukraine, Kennedy disagreed with Biden’s portrayal of the conflict and criticized the expansion of NATO into Ukraine. He also addressed the housing crisis, agreeing with Biden’s acknowledgment of the issue but critiquing his proposed solution as “cynical.”

Laura pointed out that inflation, exacerbated by Biden’s policies, is a primary driver of rising rents and the cost of living. Kennedy concurred, highlighting the unsustainable national debt and the role of large investment firms in driving up housing prices. He advocated for legislative action to prevent these firms from purchasing single-family homes as a systemic fix to the housing crisis.

In closing, Laura praised Kennedy for his forthrightness, saying, “You’re scaring everybody out there. We really appreciate your voice tonight.”

The interview showcased Kennedy’s vision for a united America, his critique of the current administration’s approach to domestic and foreign policy, and his ideas for addressing systemic issues like the housing crisis.