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2024 Election

Ned Ryun to GOP: Unleash a Tsunami of Ballots to Save America from Biden



In a recent appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” Ned Ryun, founder and CEO of American Majority, joined host Laura Ingraham to discuss the upcoming election and the strategies that former President Donald Trump and the GOP need to employ to secure a victory. With 234 days until the election, Laura highlighted the challenges posed by the Biden administration’s reliance on legal maneuvers, or “lawfare,” to maintain power. She asked Ryun what Trump and the GOP should do to not only reach the necessary 270 electoral votes but to surpass that number significantly.

Ryun emphasized the importance of ballot collection, stating, “Elections today are not necessarily about persuading voters, but it’s about ballots. How big is your ballot universe? And are you going to collect more ballots than the left, especially in the battleground states?” He urged Trump and the RNC to focus on generating absentee ballots among low-propensity voters in these crucial states and to put in place the infrastructure needed to collect those ballots. “For us to save America, there has to be an absolute tsunami of GOP ballots in those battleground states,” Ryun added.

The discussion took a turn when Laura brought up former Vice President Mike Pence‘s recent comments in an interview with Martha MacCallum, where he stated he could not endorse Trump due to differences in their agendas. Ryun responded passionately, arguing that every Republican should be endorsing Trump to save the country from another term under the current administration. “Our country cannot survive another four years of this administration. We are already on the brink,” he said.

Laura echoed Ryun’s sentiment, questioning Pence’s stance and suggesting that his actions were tantamount to working directly for Biden. The conversation underscored the divisions within the Republican Party and the urgency felt by some conservatives to rally behind Trump as the 2024 election approaches.