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The High Cost of Political Pandering: Kamala Harris and the Marijuana Roundtable



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham criticized Vice President Kamala Harris‘s efforts to appeal to younger voters through a pro-pot roundtable at the White House. Laura sarcastically remarked, “She did such a good job as the border Czarina that now she’s the administration’s weed warrior as well” . The event, which included Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and rapper Fat Joe, aimed to discuss marijuana reform, with Harris emphasizing the need to reassess how marijuana is classified under federal drug schedules .

Laura questioned the wisdom of promoting marijuana use, especially among teens, given the link between recreational cannabis use and mental health issues like depression and suicidal ideation. She expressed concern about the long-term health effects and the potential for marijuana to be a gateway drug, especially when pot is sometimes laced with fentanyl .

Sean Duffy, co-host of FBN’s “The Bottom Line,” echoed Laura’s sentiments, arguing that leaders should aspire to promote self-reliance and family values rather than drug use. He highlighted the risks associated with cannabis use, including psychosis and mental impairments in young adults. Duffy lamented the shift away from Christian values, stating, “We used to be a Christian nation, and we used to have morality. And the fact that we’re sliding into this paganism where we’re pushing abortion and drug use…is outrageous” .

Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News contributor, added that marijuana use is linked to developmental delays in infants, toxicity to the heart and lungs, and cannabis-induced psychosis. He pointed out that in states where marijuana is legal, there is even more illicit use than before. Siegel emphasized the political nature of the push for marijuana legalization, stating, “This is political. It’s not medical at all” .

Laura concluded that the Biden administration’s push for marijuana legalization is not only politically motivated but also driven by big money and lobbying efforts. The discussion on “The Ingraham Angle” highlighted the concerns surrounding the promotion of marijuana use and the potential consequences for society, especially for younger generations.